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If the drivers are unsigned, you then need to disable the driver signature enforcement. While Windows can automatically detect and install the Printer’s drivers easily, there are certain instances where one needs to install the printer driver manually. An update may cause some issues with the driver, or it may happen that a service isn’t working with a driver or pulling down the incorrect package.

do i need to update my printer driver

There are a few things that can be done to change printer preferences in the registry. Network printers in registry are a type of printer that connects to a computer network. To add a printer, launch the ‘Settings’ app as discussed earlier, and select the ‘Bluetooth & devices’ tab from the left. Once the driver is installed, close the window, and restart your PC. If you are still unable to find the driver, you can look it up in the Microsoft Update Catalog.

Update Drivers With Windows Update

Also, you need to be technically sound and ensure that you can identify the right driver package. Additionally, keep the HP printer model number handy before proceeding with the below steps.

  • If you want to save time and automate the above-mentioned steps, you can use a driver updater tool such as DriverFix.
  • This type of error is quite common on HP printers although it can occur in different brands as well and faulty drivers or corrupt Windows system files are the primary reason behind this.
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This screen also contains a link to the relevant settings dialog for each printer. When you right-click on a printer, choose Open to learn more about it. In addition to manufacturer-specific utilities and settings, a variety of manufacturer-specific settings and features can be found.

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Otherwise, you need to open it and use the Rescan button each time you want to check for outdated software. Just scan for outdated software, check the box at the top to select all the outdated programs, and then select the update button. All available updates will download one after the other and then install on their own. You can update all of them at once, or uncheck the ones you don’t want to patch (or, of course, let the scheduled auto-updates do it for you automatically). That’s why you need one of the best driver updater programs around — to make sure your drivers always work optimally. Here are answers to a few frequently asked driver-related questions. The best software isn’t always free, and free driver update software usually offers limited functionality.

You can install all the software such as drivers and utilities for using the printer at once. If you are using a USB printer, try connecting the printer to a different USB port. If you are using a network printer, make sure that the printer is properly connected to the network. This will scan your computer for any outdated or missing drivers and then update them for you. Expand the Printers list, right-click your printer, and click Update driver. If you can’t locate your printer in the Printers section, expand the Other devices list. Your printer might be labeled as “Unknown device.” You will have to guess which unknown device is your printer.

It ensures that the drivers of your computer hardware are updated to the latest versions. Similar to other best driver updaters, Driver Booster offers a wide range of useful tools to help you auto-download and update drivers in real-time. The below list provides best free tools to download and install drivers in Windows. Depending on the computers you’re managing, you’ll want a driver updater that doesn’t use up too much of the computing power and slows the systems. If you’re not too familiar with the digital space and want a smooth driver-updating experience, check for a user-friendly interface and an automatic scanner to detect missing drivers. We’ve weighed up these driver updaters across many aspects, from user interface and ease of installation to the computing resources they used up and the pricing plans.